Q1: Pierre De Coubertin is often credited as the founder of the modern-day Olympic Games. His friend Father Henri Didon created something which survived the test of time and even today is considered to be the most iconic in its category? What are we talking about?

Q2: The legend has it that Ken Aston, a FIFA football official got this idea while stopped at a traffic light. After witnessing the hostile match between Chile and Italy in the 1962 world cup as a referee and another warlike match between England and Argentina in the 1966 world cup as a FIFA supervisor, Ken had been thinking about introducing a certain level of discipline in the football matches. During the 1970 world cup, based on his recommendation, FIFA introduced his idea for the first time in international matches. What are we talking about?

Q3: Which world championship has taken place in Swaton, UK every year since 2006 during the last Sunday of June (a competition that unofficially started back in the 1300s as a tradition)?

Q4: In which sport, the favorite player or the crowd puller or the fan favorite is known as the “Babyface”

Q5: What connects the names Bassa, Tamburello and Villeneuve?

Q6: Eleanor Roosevelt and Marilyn Monroe are often credited with the quote “Well-behaved women rarely make history”. Which outspoken tennis player, a trailblazing icon in her country, wore a TShirt with this quote at the press conference after a match during 2005 Wimbledon?

Q7: Convicted after a brawl in a bowling club, this sporting hero was handed a prison sentence for 15 years. He was freed after 4 months and was granted clemency-based release. He went on to become one of the finest players of his generation and also won a bronze in 2004 Athens Olympics. Can you give me the “Answer”?        

Q8: Philip Noel Baker, won the Silver medal for the 1500m race during the 1920 Summer Olympics representing Great Britain. However, later he became world famous for a completely different reason and till date holds a unique distinction which no man achieved before or after him. What are we talking about?

Q9: When Brazil used their 3rd choice goalkeeper Weverton as a substitute during their 4-1 win over South Korea in the 2022 Qatar World Cup, they achieved something unprecedented in the history of the FIFA world cup. What was it?

Q10: “Someity” is a character with Cherry Blossom tactile sensors and possesses superpower. It can fly, loves nature and produces great power. The word loosely refers to “so mighty” in English, though it is actually a variety of Cherry Blossom in the local geography. Someity embodies the superhuman power that the participants in a particular sporting event exhibit. Tell me which global event had Someity as its mascot?

Answers to Sports Quiz #2

1. Former tennis Grand Slam champion Stan Smith who has a shoe brand named after him (launched by Adidas)

2. Rugby

3. This is a cave in Thailand where a group of junior footballers was trapped during monsoon flooding for 8 days before being rescued.

4. They are the 5 women drivers to have participated in Formula 1 races.

5. The Lost Ball law.

6. Men’s basketball team

7. Sled Dog

8. West Ham United FC in the UK

9. Sergio Ramos

10. Taylor Townsend