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Spandan Chandra

Born in India, raised in Scotland for many years and settled in the United States. I am a global youth. I don’t know any boundaries. I study hard. I play smart. I fiercely compete to remain at the top of the class, I passionately collaborate to create a great team. I reinvent myself when I play Mozart and Vivaldi with my favorite companion, my violin. I fight with my little sister, while together we light up our family. I am a mama’s boy but dad is my sounding board. I love to learn and unlearn. I dream of becoming a leader who is not afraid to challenge and change. I give my 100% in the Tennis Court to become a nationally ranked junior. I passionately follow NBA, I worship IPL and do not miss a NFL game. Above all, I smell, eat, drink and dream sports literature. I am an argumentative sports enthusiast. This is my canvas where I paint my perspective.

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