Q1: This legendary sportsperson has a popular shoe brand named after him and the brand became more popular than the man himself! He named his biography aptly as “Some People Think I am A Shoe”. Who are we talking about?

Q2: This sport originally started with 13 players in each side and hence was known as “Jeu A Trieze” or the game of thirteen. In today’s modern version of the game, each side has 15 players. What sport am I referring to?

Q3: Why was a place called Tham Luang Nang Non in the news world over in July 2018. What is the connection to sports?

Q4: What connects the following 5 ladies in the world of sports: Maria Teresa de Filippis, Lella Lombardi, Divina Galica, Desiré Wilson and Giovanna Amati?

Q5: Two laws of cricket were deleted in the 2017 code. One of them was the “Handled Ball” law which was merged with “Obstructing the Field” law. Which is the other one that was deleted and merged with the “Dead Ball” law.

Q6: Which US team refused to accept the Silver Medal in the 1972 Munich Olympics after losing the finals. They felt they were unfairly denied the gold due to some controversial proceedings during the last seconds of the match.

Q7: These are various terms used in which sport: Hike, Gee, Haw, Easy, Whoa, On By, Line Out etc?

Q8: This famous soccer club was originally founded as “Thames Ironworks” as the workers from a company with a similar name formed a team and started playing the game. The nickname of the present day club “The Irons” comes from this history. Name this famous club.

Q9: Which famous Real Madrid star co-wrote the song “La Roja Baila (or The Red One)” which eventually became the official theme of the 2016 Spanish Soccer team for the 2016 Euro?

Q10: She was asked by the United States Tennis Association (USTA) to sit out of national tournaments due to overweight and fitness problems. She defied that and went on to play US Open juniors in 2012. She eventually became a WTA top 100 player, reaching 4th round of the US Open in 2019. Identify her.

Answers to “Men’s Sana in Corpore Sano #1 – The Sports Quiz

  1. This was one of the racquets used by Isner during his record breaking 11 hours match against Nicolas Mahut at the 2010 Wimbledon championship. He won the last set 70-68
  2. Max Mirnyi
  3. A part of the movie Wimbledon (2004) was shot before the start of the match
  4. The previous 11 editions of the US Open were won by left-handed players between 1974 and 1984. Lendl stopped that streak
  5. David Ferrer and Mikhail Youzhny
  6. For not playing seriously (or not trying hard) against South African Grant Stafford
  7. For the first time in history (and only time ever till date), Wimbledon Boys Champion was older than the Men’s champion.
  8. Half of the court was made of grass and other half was made of clay! Nadal won the match known as the “Battle of the Surfaces”
  9. Nick Kyrgios and Stefanos Tsitsipas
  10. Patrick Rafter